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TikTok Comedian Huey Haha Dead At 22!!

The comedian and TikTok star Huey Haha died on Monday .

"Huey Ha passed away October 25, 2021. He loved and appreciated every single one of his supporters," an Instagram post read alongside a screenshot of a GoFundMe campaign.

Huey first went viral with his YouTube video, "How to not get robbed," which was posted in 2019.

The comedian gained close to half a million YouTube subscribers and received over 113 million views.

"Used to saying RIP but this hurt the most ... They already took the fun out the comedy but now its not gon be the same without you. We love you brother see you in the future," a GofundMe page to raise funds for his two-year-old daughter's needs.

The crowdfunding page was hoping to raise $15,000 but it has already raised more than double. "THIS IS THE ONLY APPROVED GO FUND ME FOR HUEY HAHA. All proceeds will go towards his funeral and/or his daughter Princess.," says the page.