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Doc Antle was one of the several stars of Netflix's Tiger King docuseries, which has gone viral for several reasons -- but he is not happy with the way he was portrayed in the video.

In the show, Doc was portrayed as the leader of a possible cult, with claims that he allegedly lures teenage virgins, takes their virginity and has them working around the clock on his big cat farm for free.

"I'm a single guy -- I was married 25 years ago. But I'm a single guy, I got girlfriends. They've come and gone over the years. It can't be unique that I got girlfriends, it's just they were put on a screen saying this and that," he said on Theo Von's podcast. He added that his volunteers were simply "relatives" or "significant others of my staff and stuff helping me out."

One of his former volunteers said on the show that she joined his team when she was just 17 and that she was booked for breast implants without her consent.

"These aren't teenagers that are walking around here, granted, some of them have been here for decades," he added. Since the show aired, comparisons have been made between Antle and disgraced r&b singer, R. Kelly.

He also denies allegations that he euthanizes baby tigers after six months.

"No tiger babies are ever going to be euthanized or pushed out of the way, they're incredibly special to us," he said.

Watch the full interview below.

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