Tiffany "New York" Pollard recently sat down for an interview where she dished on her stint on Flavor of Love and her ex, Flavor Flav.

Viewers were puzzled as to why Tiffany would hook up with Flav, but Tiff says its all about the personality:

"Honestly, with me. It's always personality first. I don't care what you look like," she shared with E! News. "As long as your personality is at a 10, that's so attractive to me."

She also revealed who her best lover was, and it was contestant from her own reality show.

"I've had some nights with [Chance] outside of the show. But you want to know who was really, really good? Buddha!" she revealed. "He's the one who climbed through my damn window. He was a pleaser too. He wanted to do everything. He pleasured me so well."

Tiff said when the cameras were off, things got very interesting.

"They were climbing through my windows at night. When the producers go home, they would climb through my windows," she confessed. "I'm like, 'Damn! They're already in here.' Pandora's box is open."