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'Tiffany Haddish' S*XTAPE Leaked . . . She Can Do More Than Tell Jokes . . . With THAT MOUTH!!!!


MTO News learned that a man or group of men is threatening to leak what is being described as a "Tiffany Haddish s*xtape." The tape reportedly shows Tiffany (or a woman bearing a striking resemblance to her) and her ex-boyfriend engaged in a 8 minute long encounter - in front of the camera.

The taping of the act appears to have been consensual, as "Tiffany" looks into the camera directly on a number of occasions. And the action in the tape is said to be "extremely good."

The person marketing the tape claims that the comedian was EXTREMELY talented with her mouth, and her throat.

So where's the video? Well there is a group that is trying to SELL the tape - for as much as $10K. They leaked a few clips of the alleged tape on Twitter. For legal reasons, we can't link to the videos here.

In other news, Tiffany Haddish opened up about a sexual assault she experienced as a teenager, earlier this week. In a new cover story for Glamour magazine, the 38-year-old comedian revealed she was raped by a police cadet at 17.

“That whole experience put me in such a messed-up place for a long time, and I ended up going to counseling,” an emotional Haddish told the magazine.

Haddish, who stars in the upcoming comedies "Night School" and “Nobody's Fool," says she reported the assault at the time, but didn't go into detail about what came of it. This is not the first time the breakout star of "Girls Trip" has publicly spoken about her assault.

Last year, Haddish shared details about the incident on the podcast “The Champs,” saying she was raped the night of her homecoming dance.

The comedian said her attacker lied about his age and befriended her after meeting at a family member’s baseball game. He offered to introduce her to his younger brother, Haddish said.