Actress Tiffany Haddish has decided to try something new - she's dating an older White man.

Tiffany was spotted leaving a romantic dinner in Los Angeles with her grey haired bae, and the two slipped into a waiting car. 

The beautiful actress is part of a growing trend among Black woman, who choose to date White men. Interracial dating and marriage among Black women was up 17 percent in 2018, according to a recent poll. 

Here are the pics of Tiffany walking with her bae:


Here's another pic showing Tiffany's face:


But Tiffany wasn't always into White guys, the actress used to prefer Black men, as she explained in her autobiography.

As described in her memoir, Tiffany married and divorced William Stewart twice. Her ex-husband, who is Black, helped Haddish locate her once-estranged father who walked her down the aisle at their first wedding, which she once described as "one of the happiest days of my life."

But Tiffany's marriages to William weren't all good. Tiffany claims that he abused her physically.

According to reports, last week Tiffany also returned to stand-up after experiencing a stormy start to the New Year in Miami, where hecklers booed her while she tried to remember her jokes.

A source divulged to Page Six that the Night School actress did a secret set at New York’s famous Comedy Cellar.

Haddish’s New York show reportedly went much smoother than her Miami set, which left her reading jokes from an iPad seemingly intoxicated.