Comedian Tiffany Haddish is under fire today - for playing into racist stereotypes and eating fried chicken on the Met Gala red carpet yesterday.

While some found Tiffany's "fried chicken" antics funny, many Black people found it to be offensive.

Tiffany, who described her look as 'Pimperella,' revealed to the E! News cameras that she was carrying a secret stash of fried chicken in her purse. According to Tiffany, she claimed that there's never enough food at the gala. Instead of swinging by a fast food joint for some tenders, the actress cooked her own meal.

“No I didn’t go to KFC,” she told PEOPLE. “We don’t worry about it. See, Tiffany knows how to cook. I don’t know if you know this but I have my own seasoning salt.”


Later, Tiffany is seen chomping down on fried chicken, and passing it out to other celebs on the red carpet:

Here are some of the comments online that are critical of Tiffany's behavior last night:

What’s new? Tiffany stays cooning, with her mammy ass.

This child wil do anything for attention. I bet the few black people who attended avoided her ass like the plague. LOL The only surprise is that she didn't show up dresssed as Aunt Jemima with cotton hanging out of her pockets.

I was getting dressed for work and heard the news reporter talking about Tiffany. They showed her taking the chicken out of her purse. I couldn't even look at that shit and rolled my eyes. I think that's horrible.