Tiffany Haddish wants it to be clear that she is not pregnant, and it seems, has no intention of having children anytime soon.

"Look I clap back when I am on my cycle OK! If you see Tiffany Haddish clap back just know that she's not pregnant!" she quipped to Hollywood Life. "I'm emotional then, so I guess the best time if you want to attack me and want a response, that is when you will get one. So learn my cycle if you want to hear some sh*t!"

Tiffany is rumored to be dating rapper/actor Common. Common split with girlfriend Angela Rye a few months ago (for the second time) and last month, Angela revealed that the reason for the breakup was because she wanted to start a family, and Common was done with having kids.

If Tiff wants to hold onto her man, we think that playing the kiddie angle down will help much - Common really doesn't want any more babies!