Tiffany Haddish Confirms Relationship W/ Common Amid Sexual Assault Claim


Tiffany Haddish has confirmed that she is dating actor/rapper Common -- immediately after Philly rapper, Jaguar Wright, accused him of sexual assault.

"I've lost 20 pounds since I've been in this relationship," she said on Steve-O's podcast, Steve-O's Wild Ride. "I feel more confident in me and it's not him that's doing it."

She continued, "It's like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back It seems like he does, anyways. And I love it. I love him," she added. "This is hands down the best relationship I've ever been in -- knock on wood!"

Just last week, Jaguar said of Common:

"Gotdamn Common. Next thing I know, we go to bed and he's like, 'C'mon Jag.' I'm like 'No, no, no. I'm tired n*gga. I was on the stage all night. I want to lay down.' I laid down with my clothes on. I'm a rape survivor. I know how to buy myself a little time. Just in case a n*gga try to get out of hand. You got to pull my pants down. By the time you get my pants down, I promise you I'm hooking off in your jaw. That's how I grew up!" she said on Instagram Live.

"The next thing I know, I wake up. It's morning, and I feel something poking in my face and sh*t. And it's just poking in my face, poking in my face. And I'm like 'What the f*ck?!' Then I open my mouth, this n*gga trying to stick his d*ck in my mouth while I'm sleep. Lonnie F*ckin Lynn. Rashid, Common, whatever the f*ck you want to call yourself.

"Because n*gga if you gon try to stick your d*ck in your mouth while I'm sleep, it ain't nothing you won't do."