A few weeks ago, comedienne Tiffany Haddish was dating Oscar-winning actor Common, but now the two have split.

And yesterday Tiffany went on social media, and blasted someone close to her - whom she says "lied to her." And now many of her fans believe she is talking about her ex, Common.

Tiffany lashed out at someone she calls a "hater," saying, "I learned that you are a lying peace of sh*t & that you never cared about me." She added, "you used me but what you failed to forget about me is I tell IT."

While she didn't mention Common by name - one of Tiffany's fans mentioned Common in the tweet comments, and Tiffany "liked" the comment.

Here's Tiffany's rant on Twitter yesterday:

Tiffany and Common began dating over the summer, and the two were inseparable for the last six months or so. And Tiffany all but admitted to dating the actor/rapper during an interview on the Wendy Williams show.