Actress/comedian Tiffany Haddish came under fire this week, after she was seen chomping down on fried chicken on the red carpet for the Met Gala. Tiffany smuggled the chicken to the event in her purse. And she made sure that the cameras saw her pull out the chicken and eat it.

Haddish told reporters that at the previous year’s Met Gala, she was “starving,” so she brought her own snacks. Later, she pulls out a large freezer bag, containing several large pieces of what appears to be fried chicken, which she shares with several of the reporters grouped around her, saying she cooked it herself. The best part is the moment when one of those reporters, off-camera, says in total glee, “It’s still warm! Tiffany, it’s still warm!

Many African Americans are upset with Tiffany, for embracing a racist stereotype at such a high profile event.

Well now Tiffany is fighting back against the criticism - and Tiffany says that "Black people" are to blame. According to the comedian, her "fried chicken" antics are being blown out of proportion by Black people, whom she believes are acting like "crabs in a barrel."

Tiffany added that the racist "chicken" stereotype - which has existed for decades in the United States - should not exist because there are no Black chicken farmers. She also told her Black followers to "do [their] research."


Finally Tiffany gave an alternate explanation for smuggling fried chicken to the event. Tiffany told her fans, "There are very small portions of food [at the Met gala] . . . I'm hungry."