Tika Sumpter Defends WHITE Husband . . . After Called A 'B*D W**CH' Online!!!


Actress Tika Sumpter defended herself against some slanderous accusations on social media.

Tika recently married her longtime boyfriend and fellow actor Nick James. The couple have a child together, and by all accounts seem VERY happy. 

But Nick is White, and so some one social media are BLASTING Tika, and calling her a "bed wench." The term "bed wench" is used to describe Black women who turns against her race - just to get the affection of a White man.

One social media troll posted a pic, which he claimed shows Tika's husband. The troll was attempting to show that Tika lowered her standards, in choosing a husband.

But Tika turned the tables on the troll, and showed just how handsome her husband was:


The pair have be private about their relationship for the most part, but sharing a child and being married has totally changed the game.

“He was like, ‘Ella [their daughter] has something to say to you.’ And it was just this letter of beauty,” Sumpter said about James’ Christmas Day proposal. “And then he proposed.”

They met on the set of Tyler Perry’s Haves and Have Nots on OWN, the television drama began in 2013, but James didn’t appeared on the show until 2016. James and Sumpter allegedly met while on set working up close and personal

According to Essence, politics is something he cares about...James doesn’t tweet much, but when he does, it’s about the current state of policies and his disgust of the current Trump administration.