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Tia Mowry GAVE BIRTH Two Months Ago . .  Is Having HARD TIME Losing The Baby Weight!!


Tia Mowry still has her post-baby belly - after giving birth nearly two months ago to her baby girl. Tia was spotted as she steps out solo in Studio City to get her car washed.

The 39-year-old actress and lifestyle guru wears a oversized striped shirt dress and white Converse sneakers for her outing in LA. It's a very cute look.

We know that Tia is working hard to get back to her PRE-BABY SHAPE . . but it's hard. Especially if you want to lose the weight NATURALLY - it takes some time.

Many of the celebrities that WE ALL KNOW who lose the baby weight quick, use SURGICAL MEANS to lose their baby tummy.


According to, "On Monday, the 39-year-old actress, Tia, and lifestyle guru shared a full-body selfie with a powerful message about loving her new shape, belly and all."

"7 weeks #postpartum. Some pregnant women after giving birth no longer have a belly after 7 weeks. While others it may take a little longer. Me, I’m the latter," Mowry candidly wrote.

The actress revealed that after giving birth to her son, Cree, who turns 7 on Thursday, things were much the same. Her body didn't magically snap back and, because of unrealistic expectations, that surprised her.

"I remember after giving birth to Cree, my belly didn’t all of a sudden go flat. I did have a C-Section, (as well as with my second pregnancy) and I thought something was wrong with me. I had seen in magazines the many women on the beach a few weeks #postpartum in a two piece," she wrote.