Rapper Clifford "TI" Harris is promising to stop cheating on his wife Tiny, forever. 

TI took the oath yesterday out in public on Instagram, with his friend comedian/singer Lil Duval.

It's all because Lil Duval has a hit new song out called Black Men Don't Cheat, and TI is reportedly working on remixing the new song.

But before he got on the track, TI took his oath publicly. Here:

Lil Duval posted, "Tip took the oath and said he solemnly swears to try his best to be faithful from this day forth"

TI has been caught cheating on his longtime partner and wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris on dozens of occasions. This year, however, Tiny and TI seem to be in a much better place in their marriage.

And given TI's renewed commitment to fidelity, we can only imagine how much better their marriage will become.

Congrats to TI and Tiny.