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Rapper TI and Tiny are turning over a new leaf in their marriage - TI has recommitted himself to Tiny and their family - and they plan on showing that on the new season of their VH1 reality show Friends & Family Hustle.

But new pics have surfaced - the pics show him Facetiming with a woman. And the woman bears a striking resemblance to “Greenleaf” star Asia’h Epperson. Asia'h is rumored to have been TI's former side chick.

Now TI is facing a backlash on social media, from his fans and fans of his wife Tiny.

TIs alleged "Creep FaceTime" was accidentally disclosed by one of his homies. TI and his friend were on a plane on Wednesday, on their way to Los Angeles for Nipsey's funeral. And TI's homie decided to take a selfie of the pair sitting on the plane.

Unfortunately for TI, he was Facetiming with the woman just as the pic was snapped and shared on social media.


Last year Asia’h Epperson opened up the floodgates to the cheating rumors when she publicly commented on her alleged involvement with the married Atlanta rapper Tip.

“Greenleaf” star Asia’h Epperson went on Instagram to fire back at allegations of her being a homewrecker. At the time, Asia'h claimed that T.I.’s marriage with Tiny was already damaged. 

She wrote, “A homewrecker I never would be. Not my style! I’m into building baby!!! However, on another note… just so [you] know, u can’t wreck a wrecked home! Hey!!! IJS.”

Here's what Asia'h looks like now - she currently has blonde braids:


And here's Tiny - she currently has red hair: