TI And Tiny CAUGHT In Strip Club . . . Possibly Choosing STRIPPER TO BRING HOME!! (Video)

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TI and Tiny were caught on video in Miami - and they appear to be choosing strippers. The couple are pretty secretive about about their unorthodox lifestyle. The hip hop pair are well known in Atlanta, for bringing women home for the evening. It's an open secret, that TI and Tiny don't talk about publicly.

But a new video, taken inside a Miami strip club, shows TI and Tiny talking and pointing at the dancers. It appears that the couple are "choosing" which girl they plan on bringing home with them.

And the decision seems to be one that BOTH are actively participating in. First TI points over towards one dancer. Then his wife Tiny responds, pointing in the direction of another woman.

Here is the video:


Perhaps this is all a part of Tiny's plan, because Tiny had a pregnancy scare last week – and the false alarm has gotten her thinking about having another kid with Tip.

“The way T.I. reacted to the latest pregnancy scare has got Tiny really seriously thinking about having another baby with him,” a friend of the Xscape member tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The issue for her is that her career is so hot right now that she’s not sure she feels ready to stop.”

But just because the timing isn’t right at the moment, doesn’t mean another baby is completely out of the question. “She’s now planning to see a fertility expert and find out if it’s possible to freeze some of her eggs so she can do IVF at some point down the road,” the insider adds.