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Nine Memphis-based rappers are suing two members of Three 6 Mafia, accusing them over more than "150 instances of copyright infringement in more than 100 songs."

According to WREG, the songs in question date all the way back to 1993.

The rappers say they started working with Three 6's DJ Paul and Juicy J in the 1990s -- after they all became friends. They say that despite their work helping to fuel the success of the group, they never received any royalties, and now they are coming to collect.

"People would come to me all the time, 'Man, you need to sue Three 6 Mafia. Man, don't you know that song they sampled it off Koopsta Knicca, or they sampled it on his new album. You got your voice on his greatest hits.' I'm like, 'For real?'" rapper Lil Ced told the news outlet.

"I want my due royalties, back-pay for anything that was used that was created that I can get paid on in the past," rapper MC Mack said.

According to TMZ, one of the many offending tracks listed is "MEMPHIS," and another mentioned is their hit song, "Tear Da Club Up." They claim they were not credited for their part in making the song.