INSTAGRAM THOTS Found A New ONLINE HUSTLE . . . They're Holding F**K-A-FAN Raffles . . . And Charging Men $10 . . . For A LOTTERY TICKET!!! (They're Making THOUSANDS)


A popular Instagram model and p*tnstar has a new way to make money. She's "RAFFLING' her box.

Julie Kay decided to offer one lucky winner her "box" - and all they have to do is buy a $10 raffle ticket. Word is that she's already sold more than 1,000 tickets on social media.

That means she'll basically get $10K to FREAK one of her fans.

Here's what she wrote on her Twitter:

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FUCK-A-FAN Raffle: EACH raffle ticket is $10 ~ Must be 18+ ! ~ Must be in the US ~ Full Panel STD test covered ~ Payments thru Google Wallet ~ PLEASE put FAF in the notes ONLY nothing else ~ Include Twitter @ ~ more tickets more chances!

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Here's a more GRAPHIC video of her