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THOT TALES!!! A Woman Goes Into GRAPHIC DETAILS . . . About What It Was Like . . . TO SPEND THE NIGHT . . . With Keri Hilson's NBA Boyfriend . . . SERGE IBAKA!!

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In 2016 THOTS are proud . . . and they're not afraid to tell their stories. That's exactly what happened with NBA star Serge Ibaka - who is currently dating singer/actor Keri Hilson.

Some THOT slept with Keri's man, then wrote a post about it on a popular message board. This is what she wrote:

This summer Serge, yes the basketball player, flew me out after talking for weeks in SC.

I was so surprised and shocked that he actually did it. Idk if I can give the explicit version so I'll keep it kind of clean. I'm able to give the full tea as well because we decided it was going to be for a fun weekend only.

Now mind you, I do not do this. It's my first time actually getting flown out by anyone.

He has a house and a condo in OKC. We went to his condo which was actually loft-like and really nice.

Serge was nothing less than a gentleman. We ate and talked for hours. He is a very patient man. I was getting antsy because I wanted him to go ahead and take me but I didn't want to rush anything. I was kind of anxious too because we've all seen that sweatpants pic. Which I can attest is very much real.

He took his time even when I wanted it rough. It was patient and calculated love making. Something that I had never really experienced.

If I can go again I would. And yes he gave me some gifts and a bit of cash. I really wasn't looking for that though. I only wanted to spend time with him which I did and had one of the best times of my life.

Sadly I know it's a once in a lifetime experience. We not only made love but we danced and he cooked while trying to teach me the food of his people & the language. It was like being swept off of my feet until I had to leave and reality woke me up.

I have a brand new respect for him and his damn afro beats. Lol.