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THOT LEGEND Maliah Proves That Age Ain't NOTHING BUT A NUMBER . . . She's 40 Years Old . .. And Can Still WORK THE POLE LIKE A CHAMPION!!

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Maliah is 40-years-old and still killing a lot of these youngsters out here! She shared a video of her at home lapdance and her followers went nuts. Read some of the reactions below:

"Glad i took my blood pressure pill b4 i seen this.... 💊💊"

"Keep telling you, you giving away diamonds for free @maliah_michel"

"she gotta big ol onion booty make the world cry 😭😭😭😭"

"Damn the pole. How you get to the top of that door tho?🤔🤣"

"How drake lost her Is a no brainer I really cherish your worth @maliah_michel"

The dancer went viral last years after OVO frontman Drake retired her Jersey. Maliah was at one time linked romantically to Drake.

"Y'all don't know that n*gga been trying to make me stop dancing. Always putting me down about it... Always telling me I'm not better than anyone else in the club selling ass instead of dancing. But n*gga can't stay out the club [...] Y'all just don't know. My only regret is ever trying to explain how much I love dancing. And thinking so highly of him [...] That I let his opinion of me mold my opinion of myself. F*ck that and f*ck you if you got a problem [...] I remember pleading with him to understand. I said Beyoncé wears the same kind of stuff I wear [...] This nigga got mad and told me not to compare myself to Beyoncé [...] B*tch wha?! Don't you ever tell me not to compare myself to Beyoncé! I'm a woman that's what we do!! [...] No matter how light I tried to make things. Just always mean and hurtful. But whatever I'm done."

Check out her new NSFW video below.

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Here is the video of her on the pole - GRAPHIC

Alternate link of her working the pole