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A THOT Explains How She SEDUCED Actress Tia Mowry's HUSBAND . . . Gives ALL THE DETAILS . . . On Exactly WHAT HAPPENED!! (Wow . . . These THOTS Today Are . . . RUTHLESS)

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Marriages these days, especially in Hollywood, are no longer being respected by THOTS. Look at what this one lady did to Tia Mowry's husband Cory Hardrict. The woman who wrote this is NOT KeKe Palmer:

We met on a movie set. Won't say what (obviously) I was crushing hard. He was laid back, reserved, very into his work, didn't really socialize in the beginning.

I started to give him flirty eyes from across the room, he would bashfully smile and look away. Then I started speaking to him, teasing him, he would tease me too. Then we had lunch one day and I asked him if he was allowed to have lady friends, he said yeah, his wife was cool with him having lady friends but she would have to meet me and give me the stamp of approval.

I gave him the look and threw my head back in laughter, I was thinking, it's not her approval I'm looking for but anyway, we kept it professional, friendly, he's a really cool dude.

He was telling me how he's from Chicago, he's a Christian, what he does for fun, we talked a lot of music. Yeah I flirted and he was flattered. He finds me attractive. He said if he were younger he most definitely would have (I'm 10 years younger than him) to add he said he loved his wife too much to cheat especially with a colleague but he's tempted.

I would have jumped on it if I wasn't such a fan of Sister Sister.I just got a little sad once we start nearing the end of filming and I knew we could no longer be friends without it turning inappropriate.

The last day we wrapped we had a dinner with everyone on the set and he walked me to my car, he hugged me and said I'll find that man for me one day, I talked to him about all my failed relationships and how hard it is for black women to date in LA, when we hugged, we hugged for a long time, I didn't wanna let him go but I had too, I can tell he felt bad for me, I joked and said "Maybe next lifetime, we'll be butterflies" he laughed it off and said. "Girl, you better go!" I got in the car and started to tear up a little.

Damn, the nicest, most genuine, down to earth brother I've met since I've been doing film and commercials. This was years ago, won't say what year but I haven't gotten over him and I have seen him in passing but we haven't spoke since.