'THICK' West Virginia Gymnast Who Went Viral - Opens Onlyfans Page!!


Erica Fontaine, a gymnast from the University of West Virginia otherwise known as the "thick gymnast" went viral last year after her gymnastics routine was viewed online by more than 5 million people. Erica caught fire with the public because she was seen as beautiful, talented, and unusually curvaceous for a gymnast.

Currently, she is one of the most well-known gymnasts in the school's history.


Now the public can see a lot more of Erica's talents. MTO News has learned that over the weekend an Erica Fontaine created an Onlyfans page for devoted fans.

Here's a screenshot of the page:


With the Covid-19 pandemic raging, celebrities of all stripes are turning unorthodox means for making money and cashing in on their celebrity.  

And Erica wouldn't be the first celebrity to create an Onlyfans page for money. Last week, Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena announced that she was joining the adult-focused site as well.

The beautiful gymnast already has a major following on social media, so it's likely that her OnlyFans page will be humming.

Here's a video of Erica doing her floor routine: