They're Making A MOVIE . . . About How MTV's MAKING THE BAND Star Sara Stokes . . . Was BRUTALLY RAPED . .. By Her OWN FATHER!!! (Dang . . . This Is AWFUL)


Sara Stokes from MTV's series MAKING THE BAND is getting a MOVIE made about her life. But it's not for the reasons you'd expect.

You see Sara's father was just convicted of RAPING a child, and Sara disclosed that her dad used to rape her too.

Here's what The Jasmine Brand is reporting:

A new docu-film about Sarah Stokes and her father, Jay Christopher Miller, is under way. The film is about rape and molestation and focuses on Stokes and the controversial child molestation trial that her 63-year-old father faced this year. A source tells us that Sara’s relationship with her father and what she’s been through, along with her dad’s trial is such a fascinating story that producers wanted to document it.

The source adds:

"This isn’t just Sara Stokes' story, millions of women have experienced this for years. 80% of women never tell 90% are Black Women so the cycle continues. She’s one of the few women BRAVE enough to tell, it’s just a shame that so many other little girls had to be sexually assaulted by her Father before they believed her!"

Stokes, a singer who also starred on Centric’s reality show From The Bottom Up, has openly discussed her father’s sexual abuse in the past. Last year, she told the Detroit Free Press, "When I was 12 years old, he ended up molesting me, too. That was the point when all trust went out the window for everybody, especially men. I just felt so hurt."