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They Just Created A New BARBIE DOLL For Little Girls . . . And The Doll Has BUTT IMPLANTS!!


The organizers of the famous booty contest have come under fire after releasing these barbie style dolls, based on their contestants.

The toys, which cost just $11, come with characteristically large derrieres and sporting swimsuits, which will be worn by this year's competitors.

Astonishingly, the plastic figurines have bottoms, which in real life would be 40in round - three inches smaller than Kim Kardashian's.


The organizers of Miss Bumbum claim the doll, which is being used to promote the upcoming contest, has "authentic Brazilian curves".

But critics argue the figure could cause a spike in teenage girls undergoing "dangerous" butt lifts, with campaigners even threatening legal action to prevent it from going on sale.


A Brazilian government Campaigner by the name of Sara Winter, a candidate for federal deputy in this year's elections, said: "I refuse to conceive in any shape or form that a toy doll of this kind will be allowed to be made, marketed or sold."

She continued, 

'This is really serious. The doll's bottom is completely disproportionate. A bottom that big is almost impossible to achieve without surgery.

'For girls, dolls are a representation of the women they want to be, just like with dolls such as Barbie and Suzie. This doll will frustrate young girls, making them believe that this is the body they should have and aspire to.

'They will look at their doll, then look at their mothers, aunts, teachers, and wonder why no-one has a bottom as big as that.

'I have no doubt that if a doll like this is circulating in Brazil it will lead to more teenagers and young women seeking dangerous procedures to make their bottoms bigger.