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There's A Really SCANDALOUS BLIND ITEM . . . And It Sounds A LOT Like Tamera Mowry . . . Could She Be THIS SCANDALOUS????

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A new blind item popped up on the website CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS. The site which is usually VERY reliable posted this item:

This married former tweener actress turned talk show host has been hooking up with this very wealthy executive who is one of the biggest political donors around and has always had a crush on her since her tween acting days. He previously hooked up with her co-star.

Sounds a LOT like it could be TAMERA MOWRY. But we REFUSE to believe that miss HOLIER THAN THOU could ever be so SCANDALOUS!!!

Last year she spoke to PEOPLE about the challenges of parenthood:

"It is a sound that will make you start crying,” she told them. “So say they’re fighting over a toy, or Aden is upset with something and then Ariah gets upset with something and then I have an important phone call or I have to get them out of the house for school within that time … it can be very challenging, and I just sometimes throw my hands up and start crying too. We just all have a cry."

Oh dear, it sounds as if her home life is overwhelming. Maybe she needed a little something on the side to relieve her stresses?

But as we said before - we're not sure WHO the actress turned talk show host is... we're only speculating.