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There's MORE Evidence . . . That Beyonce May NO LONGER Be The QUEEN ANYMORE . . . Did You See Her LATEST NUMBERS???

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Billboard has just revealed first week sales for Beyonce, which clocked in at 653,000 copies (including streaming and individual tracks). While no one can call this a FAIL, the MUCH hyped project was expected to move 1 million plus, as Taylor Swift and Adele (more than 3 million) did.

Additionally, Drake is on track to push over a million albums this week with his new release VIEWS. But Beyonce instead sold just about the same amount of albums as Justin Bieber did in his first week.

Beyonce started an Internet and social media storm when she debuted a pricey HBO movie. But the writing was on the wall when the ratings for that special proved disastrous and drew under 800,000 viewers ......

Beyonce also raise eyebrows when she cancelled a Nashville concert set for later this week.