There's A Man Going Around The Country Pretending To Be The Rapper BOOSIE BADAZZ . . . And The FRAUDSTER . . . Is COLLECTING THOUSANDS In APPEARANCE FEES!! (PICS)


If you bought tickets to see Boosie at an event in the past few weeks, you may have been FINESSED.

According to Twitter there is a man traveling around the country, pretending to be BOOSIE BAD AZZ. The man, who is an imposter, is charging unsuspecting fans and promoters THOUSANDS of dollars too.

It first started last week,when reports of a "fake Boosie" in Colorado started making the rounds on Twitter.

Then this weekend,more reports surfaced. This time the "fake Boosie" was spotted in Columbus Ohio.

We're told that the FRAUDULENT BADAZZ rapper has finessed close to $10,000 already.