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There’s A CRAZY RUMOR Going Around Washington . . . One Of The TOP Republicans In AMERICA . . . Has BLACK Side Chick!!!


One of the TOP REPUBLICANS in Congress is about to get dragged into one of the BIGGEST scandals of the year – that DOESN’T have to do with Donald Trump.
This Republican LEADER – who many believe is as CLEAN as a schoolboy – got some DIRT.

Word is that he has an AFRICAN AMERICAN side chick that he’s been SPONSORING over at Georgetown University.

Word is that she told some FOLKS about their relationship – and the REPUBLICAN now feels like he’s being BLACKMAILED!!!

We’re not naming names – but the Congressperson is from the MIDWEST, and he’s a household name.

The news comes just a day after MTO reported that loyal Trump supporter is allegedly cheating on his WHITE wife . . . With a MUSLIM lady. Clarke has already filed for divorce and rumors are flying around that he has been seen regularly with Hedieh Mirahmadi, a Muslim woman who has a job conducting sensitivity training with law enforcement agencies. Mirahmadi was also a consultant to the FBI from 2015 until June 2017.

The Trump administration has been hit with almost every possible scandal over the past year and change. Is this the most scandalous administration the United States has ever seen? Many seem to think it is. It’s unlikely that this new scandal will be the last. Why can’t they keep it together – or at least in their pants?!