There's A NEW TREND Among Black Men . . . LACE FRONT BEARDS!! (PICS)

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Nowadays having a FULL beard is the new trend. But what happens to men that can't grow one? Well the struggle to be a part of the beard gang just got a little easier.

Men are now buying "lace front" beards - that guarantee have fuller beards and sideburns.

Fake beards really isn't a new thing, it's been around for years. What's new is the method of fixing this one is what has people talking about it. And the end result looks so real, it’s hard to tell it isn’t the real deal.

Comedian Lil Duval exposed this new trend on Instagram and people have differing opinions about it. Some men have said if women can go about with fake hair and nails then men should also be allowed to have fake beards


Facial hair on men has is becoming a well-established trend thanks to the majority of women who prefer their man bearded as opposed to being cleanly shaven without a single strand. Men of today sport all kinds of beards from closely cropped lace front beards to goatees to long wizard looking like beards. Most of it with intend to attract female attention and be unique.