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There's A New Female Rapper Blowing Up . . . Her Name Is 'LITESKINNED KEISHA'!!

Cardi B seems to have opened the doors, for a new group of hoodrat female rappers to enter the arena. The newest female emcee in her being is a South Florida former insta-model named Lite skinned Keisha.

Keisha dropped her first single, called "Broke N*ggas" a few months ago - and it's already buzzing in the streets. The pretty young rapper flew to New York, where she was signed by LA Reid's new record label - and given a $1 Million advance.

Here she is, singing her new song - "No Broke N*ggas"

Here are more pics of her including when she got signed to LA Reid's new label:

Light skin Keisha started as a social media personality who gives scathing social commentary in the videos found on her popular Instagram account. These videos, in addition to her many modeling shots, have earned her more than 650,000 followers so far. 

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised by her mother in a single-parent home. She has seven siblings.