There Is A NEW CRIME Wave In Baltimore . . . It's Called 'BUMP AND ROB' . . . If You Get In A CAR ACCIDENT . . . Be CAREFUL!!!


There's a new crime wave going on in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Baltimore police are asking people to take SPECIFIC ACTION the next time you get into a fender bender. All over Baltimore, criminals are doing 'BUMP AND ROB' car-jackings. The way it works is that a criminal intentionally CRASHES into your car. When you get out to inspect potential damage to your car, they CAR JACK YOU. The police now recommend that motorists lock their doors and call 911 - even during a minor fender bender in the Baltimore. "It's been widespread. It hasn't been isolated to any particular area of the city or any particular time," said T.J. Smith, the Police Department's chief spokesman. "It's something that's a pattern and a problem. We need the citizens to be vigilant and understand that this is going on and help us solve this problem. This is much bigger than a stolen car." In an email Monday to local residents, Maj. Richard Worley Jr., commander of the Northeast District, called it a "Bump & Rob Crime Pattern" that has been occurring for weeks.