The Woman At The Center Of The Ryan Henry Scandal Speaks!!


Over the weekend, fans were shocked to hear Ryan Henry confess to sleeping with his best friend's baby mama, Nina Marie.

Now the woman in question is speaking out and addressing the allegations. She admits to sleeping with Henry and while she acknowledges that what she did was wrong, she says her baby daddy is not the wonderful guy that everybody is making him out to be.

She said the friendship began with Ryan when she started dating Anthony Lindsey. Apparently Nina friendship with Henry took a romantic turn because on Sunday, October 11th Lindsey told the world that Henry slept with his child's mother and even threatened to kill him over it. 

Initially Ryan was silent when the accusation was first made, then confessed. He said he did sleep with her and says he knows he has embarrassed a lot of people with his actions.

"I hurt people that I care about badly," Ryan said during the live. "I disrespected myself and my family." He also said that he made toxic choices when he was in a dark place when it happened but he did say that he apologized to his best friend Anthony about the incident.