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The Weeknd Out With His NEW Girlfriend . . . Fans Say He DOWNGRADED From Selena & Bella!


The Weeknd was spotted leaving his hotel room at Sunset Towers in Los Angeles with a mystery girl on a Thursday evening. Speculation is that is The Weeknd's new girlfriend.

The pair seemed close as the 28 year old singer chatted with the brunette on the way to their ride after a late night out.


Almost immediately after these images were released, fans of the Toronto singer weighed in on his new choice in women. And the overwhelming feeling was that The Weeknd was DOWNGRADING.


In the past year, Canadian-born singer, The Weeknd has been romantically linked with Supermodel Bella Hadid. He's also been linked to superstar pop singer Selena Gomez.


The mystery woman above was not identified, but snitches all around have told MTO that The Weeknd has also been seeing Justin Bieber reject Chantal Jefferies, they were spotted at Coachella together and also at Travis Scott's birthday party last week in LA, too.

Chantal who was known for partying and allegedly THOTTING in Miami made the move to Los Angeles a few years ago and has been bopping around. . . claiming to be a "DJ." Now she's a recording artist too because she recently released a single featuring Offset. 

In 2017, Chantel made a video documenting her experience getting breast reduction/lift surgery. It's one of the most-watched videos on her YouTube channel.

This is what she looks like: