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The THIRD Black Person Is 'LYNCHED' In Atlanta . . . Is There RACIST SERIAL KILLER!!! (Details)


For the third time, a Black person's body was found "lynched" inside the city of Atlanta. The latest hanging was in a predominantly African American neighborhood in South Fulton Count.  According to local police, a woman’s body was found hanging on a tree near a Walmart early Monday morning.

But within MINUTES, and without a thorough investigation, South Fulton County police have dismissed this hanging as a "possible suicide". The police told the local reporters that the latest death was caused by "no foul play."

.Two weeks ago an Atlanta college student was LYNCHED off the MLK bridge. Police quickly CLOSED that case also - calling the young man's death a "suicide" after just a few minutes of investigation.

Last year, a 22 ear old Black man was found hanged in Piedmont Park. Police ruled the death a suicide also.