Lisa Vanderpump has left the building - but the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' cast continues to throw shade at her in her absence.

During a recent airing of the show, the ladies referred to LVP as a "dark cloud" and claimed that they feel more comfortable and trustful of the group in her absence.

“My level of comfort and my level of security and my level of trust [have finally changed],” Erika Jayne said to the ladies.

Kyle then said: “As our group got smaller — I feel like the trust became… more.”

“I am much more comfortable because the dark cloud has been removed. When you remove a personality like Lisa Vanderpump, away from a group of women like this, we’ve been able to connect on a much more human level," Erika continued.

It may be worth noting that during the episode, Erika accused these same ladies of bullying her.