The Real's Loni Love is currently in a loving relationship with a White man, and is encouraging all single Black women to date interracially!

Loni spoke candidly to the show's audience about finding love with a White man, and encourages more Black women to do the same.

Loni explained that because her new man is White, they are culturally different - but compatible. She also says what she loves about him most is that he's "loyal." Loni explained, "It's the loyalty that I like. I can leave, and he's there for me [when I return]."

She added, "So many of our [Black] sisters are so lonely, and they don't want to admit it. And all they have to do is take a chance [at interracial dating]."

Here's the video:

Loni's boyfriend is Steve Welcher, an out of work actor who is now living in Loni's home.

Cheers to the happy couple.