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The Real's Loni Love has been bragging about her relationship with boyfriend James Welsh. Loni has called her relationship with James  "perfect" and even went so far as to calling the actor her "Prince Charming."

Well now there are rumors swirling on social media that Loni and James may have split. And Loni is the one that's adding fuel to the fire.

Yesterday, Loni posted this cryptic tweet, which many suspect was aimed at James:

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 5.38.16 AM

As soon as Loni posted the tweet, social media went wild with speculation. Loni was actually trending on Twitter for a short time after she posted this tweet.

Loni describes her boyfriend James as an "actor." But according to his IMDB page, he's only had 3 acting gigs in the last 6 years. And the total budget for ALL 3 moves - is less than $100,000.

Here are pics of James and Loni in their happier days:

Essence Magazine reported that, "Loni Love will be the first to tell you that love has changed her for the better. Its one of the reasons she feels so passionate about encouraging other Black women to step outside of their comfort zone in order to find their happy."

During a recent episode of The Real, the comedian opened up about her relationship with current boyfriend James Welsh and what it’s like to date a man from another race. “He’s different, his culture’s different from mine, but when we come together we know about compatibility,” she tells the fellow hosts. “That’s never changing.”