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MTO News is hearing whispers on the set of the talk show, The Real, that talk show host Jeannie Mai is pregnant!!

We spoke with one person who works at the Los Angeles based show, who told us that production has been told to shoot Jeannie Mai at new angles, because they expect her to gain weight in the next few months.

The insider told MTO News, "we've been told to shoot Jeannie from the side to make her look slimmer. Jeannie is already a tiny girl, so there's really no need to make her slimmer."

The insider continued, "Then we were told that they expect her to gain weight, and they wanted to try and hide it from the cameras."

Immediately the staff at the show started thinking - PREGNANCY. Jeannie has recently spoken out about wanting to have children, and she turns 42 next year.

If Jeannie is pregnant, it would be an extraordinary change of circumstances.

Two years ago, she divorced her husband of 10 years  - who is a right wing Trump supporter - because she didn't want to have children and he did.

Then she met rapper Jeezy, and 6 months later she's singing a Tevin Campbell song in his car, with a baby in her belly . . .