Things are getting pretty serious for rapper Jeezy and his talk show girlfriend, Jeannie Mai. Jeannie spent turkey day at Jeezy's home in Georgia - with his family.

The "Put On" rapper shared an image of his lovely family to Instagram, as he wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving and Jeannie is seen right next to him smiling wide. "Family over everything.. Happy Thanksgiving, from ours to yours," he captioned the image. 

But things were a little awkward on Thanksgiving, MTO News is hearing. 

One of Jeezy's cousins went on Twitter and said Jeannie was "acting bourgie" and that she reportedly refused to eat any carbs prepared by the family, including the candied yams, corn bread, stuffing and the sweet potato pie!

Here are pics:

Jeannie recently opened up about her relationship with Jeezy and how she appreciates the mutual understanding they share which make each other feel safe.

"I would say being responsible about making each other feel safe," she explained. "We both went through enough in our life to connect on the understanding that love should feel safe, honest, and pure. Immediately that was a magnetic attraction. We are very attracted to each other’s passions to serve. So because we have a mutual joy of having purpose, we’re going to find a way to do that together."