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Love & Hip Hop stars Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon gave viewers some insight into their child support battle - on the first episode of the Love & Hip Hop reunion show.

The couple share a daughter together, Emani Richardson, and during the reunion both parents claimed to have evidence that the other parent was behaving like a "deadbeat." 

Scrappy told the crowd, “This is crazy because … This is how I’m getting the answer, right now.” “I have to come to Love & Hip Hop, on the stage and get an answer so she can lie and look good in front of people,” the reality star explained.

But Erica didn't let accusations of her being untruthful go unchecked. “There you go with the lies,” the celebrity mom said. “You’re so angry. What is wrong with you,” Erica asked.

Then Scrappy explained why he's so angry - because Erica is taking him to CHILD SUPPORT COURT again, for non-payment. “I’ve got an app right here,” Scrappy told the audience. “So whenever you’re ready to go and say, ‘He not paying child support,’ I’ve got my app right here.”

Erica had her own evidence - on her phone, Host Nina Parker read aloud documentation from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) that accused Scrappy of being three months behind in child support payments. 

Scrappy claimed to have proof from his app that he only missed one payment in recent months. 


So who is right, Erica or Scrappy???

We spoke with a person close to Scrappy and Erica - and its clear that ERICA is right. According to our insiders Scrappy has been making all his current child support payments, but he missed three payments from several years ago - which he has yet to pay.