On last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, cast member Apple Watts got into a fight at her friend, YoYo's party, and had to be restrained.

Now Apple is explaining what really went down.

According to Apple, she had a right to turn up the way she did. The reality star claims that she was poppin off at the party [on Love & Hip Hop last night] because she just fought another girl that was downstairs and they tried to jump her. 

Apple claims that shortly before the scene that VH1 aired, Apple had just finished fighting a girl and her cousin. During the fight, things went left, and Apple claims that people were there to jump her.

She also claims that her and Summer Bunni already squashed their beef. The show edited it to make it seem that Apple was confronting Summer Bunni, but she says that she was confronting the women whom she just fought.

The reality star says that eventually she went downstairs to talk to Summer Bunni, but Summer Bunni wasn't there.