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We looked up the zodiac signs of the Atlanta Housewives to determine, does their personality/actions correspond to their zodiac signs, and we were surpsised to find out that for the most part, the answer is YES.

Here are the Housewives dates of birth and zodiac signs:

Nene Leakes - 51 - December 13, 1967 - Sagittarius

Kandi - 42 - May 17, 1976 - Taurus

Cynthia - 52 - February 19, 1967 - Pisces

Porsha - 37 - June 22, 1981 - Cancer

Eva - 34- October 30, 1984 - Scorpio

Shamari - 39 - February 22, 1980 - Pisces

Cynthia and Shamari are both Pisces - but take on different sides of the zodiac sign. Pisces women love to dream, and Cynthia seems to always have her mind on some big dream. But Pisces gals also have to watch themselves - they are the sign most likely to have problems with drugs and alcohol, because Pisces gals love escaping from her reality. Sounds like Shamari.

Eva gives off classic Scorpio vibes. The former America's Next Top model is very full of herself. She can also be spiteful, revengeful, bitter, and full of lies.

Porsha seems like the classic Cancer. The beautiful new mom is super emotional and sensitive, but can also get crazy as hell when provoked (ask Kenya).

Kandi is very "Taurus" in the way that she thinks.  Taurus women tend to overanalyze everything. Also they can be defensive, and think everything is a personal attack. They also love food and their families. 

Nene is your typical faux-bougie Sagittarius. Many Sag women love to put an an air of success, even if it is false. They often live to please everyone else. No one can have a better bag, or better shoes that a Sag gal.