The daytime talk show The Real is having issues with two of its hosts, MTO News has learned.

We spoke with a person in the show's production, and they claim that new host, Amanda Seales, and her co-host Jeannie Mai got into a slight argument on yesterday's shows.

The two ladies have different views politically. Amanda is a liberal democrat, who has made a name for herself fighting against racist and sexist politics.

Jeannie's politics may be considered to the "right" or "Republican." Her ex-husband Freddy is an open Republican and a strong supporter of controversial president Donald Trump. In the past, Jeannie refused to pull out of hosting a Trump owned beauty pageant, despite others boycotting him for racist remarks. And by all accounts, Jeannie supported Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.

And yesterday, while Amanda was discussing the mistreatment of Black people since the passing of Martin Luther King - Jeannie tried to derail the conversation, and move it away from race.

Well Amanda gathered Jeannie, and her let know that they were NOT going to deviate the conversation. Watch, and look at Amanda's face, when Jeannie tried to switch the conversation:

So what happened after this on-camera dust up.

Our snitch explained, "Amanda warned Jeannie not to try and derail 'race' conversations. She and Jeannie are having friction."

The insider told MTO News, "Amanda does not like Jeannie or her politics. She calls Jeannie 'FOX NEWS' behind her back."