The Real co-host Jeannie Mai may be happily boo'd up with rapper Jeezy, but according to her -- there are many other guests of the show who have tried to shoot their shot -- but she's shutting them down.

Speaking to Elle, she spoke about the importance of not mixing business with pleasure:

"When I got divorced, I would get hit on by a lot of the different guests," Jeannie told the publication. "And I just don't wanna -- oh my god I was just gonna say I don't wanna mix business with pleasure and date somebody off of my set but then, I'm doing that now so that's not true. But at the time, I just really didn't think it was good to get involved with anybody until I was really ready. So, I said no a lot to those dates."

Things are clearly serious between Jeannie and Jeezy, but she would not say whether or not they would be heading up the aisle anytime soon.