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Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe are both beautiful people, and deeply faith driven Christians. The couple's relationship reflects the stuff that dreams are made of: beauty, brains, long-lasting passion, kids, and success.

The couple married in 2005, and for 13 years we've been celebrating their "#Relationshipgoals." 

So how did Nicole snag catch like Boris? Well Nicole prayed to God for him. A curious commenter, who knew Nicole's Christian faith, asked her for the specific prayer that she used to land her perfect husband.

The commenter asked, "Can we get that prayer you said for Boris??!!??" Nicole, 48, gave the exact prayers that she used pro manifest the man of her dreams:

Nicole wrote:

Dear Lord, What should I do?

GOD: Make a list.

Me: A list?

GOD: Yes. Write down EVERYTHING you want. Even the parts you don't want me to see. 😒

Me: okay.
GOD: The spiritual stuff, the heart & mental stuff, the physical and the financial.
Me: 😲umm okay: Loving, warm, WANTS to be a husband & father, Fine 😜, WANTS to provide, mentally, physically and spiritually strong, AFFECTIONATE, curious about the world, likes to travel, likes music, likes history, likes art, likes the theatre, big hands, big feet🤔, sexy, really smart, funny, fun, got jokes, makes the highest & best choices for himself, has that "no-matter-what-I-got-this" spirit cause ish is gonna happen, respects his mother, forgives his father, loves himself and knows God. 💛

GOD: Okay now REALLY take that in. SEE him, FEEL him in your mind. SIT WITH THAT...ENJOY THAT..Now ask yourself.. Is he perfect for you?

Me: (inhales and exhales deeply) Yes..Lawd..I mean Lord. YES.

GOD: Now ask yourself... if he enters the room RIGHT now..Are you perfect for him?

Me: (takes reallyyy long pause).....Proceeds to get mind right & affairs in order, rereads Their Eyes Were Watching God, goes to therapy, examines issues, forgives herself & others, calls parents more often, renews passport, goes to church, does a sit up and goes for a run, dusts off that business idea i had🤔, remembers to laugh, buys nice lotion and rubs it all over body EVERYDAY, then buys some more, stays grateful for all her parts, cherishes friends, dances in her room, balances checkbook, makes green juice, loves herself. (Sidebar: At that point...after all that..i was good either way..happy, confident and moisturized.)
💛 and THEN
here he comes... 💛
GOD: Boop.