The Migos Were Spotted 'YELLING' At Katy Perry . . . PULLED UP At The Met Gala!!

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According to the usually reliable website Crazy Days & Nights, the Migos confronted pop superstar Katy Perry - and started yelling at her.

The website claims that the altercation happened last week, at the Met Gala.

Here's what is being said:

A war of words last night between this A list singer and a former featured act on one of her songs. Their feud has been going on quietly behind the scenes, but last night was one of the first times they had been in the same place in a long time. A couple instances of some yelling directed at the A lister.

Katy Perry/Migos


What was it about? We have no idea. But we do know that Katy used to date Quavo . . .

Also some tea you may have forgotten is that, back when Migos and Katy Perry performed on Saturday Night Live, Katy had a bunch of extras that were DRAG QUEENS. The Migos in the past have been REPROTEDLY accused of being HOMOPHOBIC and the story goes that ALLEGEDLY the group refused to perform anywhere NEAR the drag queens. This all went down about a year ago exactly. Migos record label Capitol Records vehemently DENIED the allegations.

The website UPROXX reported that they spoke with Drag Queens who were in attendance at the performance. 

The original sourced story from a website called World Of Wonder, deleted their story so we don't know who to believe but originally it was reported that one of the drag queens said:

“I was one of the performers on that table with them the whole time, during the rehearsal for 3 days. On the day of the filming, when I got there, I was told to leave. I wasn’t on the set at the time, but we were asking what happened. They said it was because Migos doesn’t feel comfortable with having drag queens there.”