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THE MIGOS Ghostwrite Beyonce's RHYMES . . . We Got The REFERENCE TRACK!!


Beyonce & JAY-Z have been breaking the internet since they dropped their Everything is Love album, this weekend. Well MTO News learned that some of the new album - isn't new.

You see Beyonce and Jay Z stole many of the BEATS, LYRICS and FLOWS . . . from the group MIGOS. That's right, the Atlanta TRIO were paid handsomely to scrap their new album plans - and give their beats and flows to Beyonce.

We know . . . it's hard to Believe that Beyonce steals other people's songs. But here's a leaked reference track from Beyonce & JAY-Z’s lead single “Ape sh*t” by Atlanta rap trio Migos.

Here's the reference track:

Despite this, the album has been receiving rave reviews, Pitchfork wrote that, "The Carters round out a trilogy of confrontational albums about their marriage with something lighter but no less resonant. It is a celebration of resilient black love and proud black extravagance. It’s a testament to how a complicated love survived through self-reflection, compromise, and ruthless honesty. The quintessential power couple has reemerged to stunt on everyone—haters, mistresses, America itself—while serving up a spectacle of romance and opulence like make-up sex on a bed of money. The Carters’ final episode of a presumed trilogy packages truth in a way that makes it more captivating than any lie or tabloid fodder."