The Kardashians are reportedly unhappy about Rob's budding romance with reality television star, Alexis Skyy. 

Skyy recently admitted that she loves Rob and the pair appear to be getting closer and closer, but the couple have already encountered drama with Rob's ex Blac Chyna, and Skyy has had her fair share of drama too by way of her baby daddy, Fetty Wap.

"Rob's sisters are hopeful that things will work out between Rob and Alexis, but none of them think that it will at all," a Kardashian insider told Radar Online.

"They all really believe that Rob is using this girl to get back at Blac Chyna, a claim that he doesn't deny. They have told Rob to keep his romance out of the spotlight or it will fail, but Rob isn't listening to their advice."

We hope that Rob isn't just being petty by hooking up with Skyy. It was rumored that his ex, Chyna, allegedly hooked up with him and got pregnant with his baby to get back at Tyga and Kylie Jenner - and look at the way that turned out.