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Caitlyn Jenner could potentially be hit with a lawsuit after she reportedly violated a gag order, preventing her from talking about the Kardashian clan.

Caitlyn is currently starring in the U.K. reality television show, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but could possibly be spilling way too much tea for the clan's liking.

"This contract was handed to all participants in the show and means that Caitlyn could be in hot water," a source told Daily Star. "Kris and Khloe are tight and the contracts that she signed were designed to keep inner secrets about the family a secret and protect the show.

"Technically this could pose legal dramas for Caitlyn. Talking about the family, connected to the show, is a grey area," the insider told them.

On the show, Caitlyn revealed that Khloe has not spoken to her since her transition from male to female.

"I went through every kid, and Khloé, for some reason, was pissed off about something through the whole process. It's been five or six years, and I really haven't talked to her since," she said.

"We were really close," she continued. "I raised her since she was 5 years old. I really don't know what her issues are."