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R&B singer Ginuwine is the latest celebrity to purchase a fake lacefront beard - and the Internet is CLOWNING him for it.

Lacefront beards - or male weaves are they're called - are growing in popularity. Many men now proudly show off their lacefronts on social media.

Unfortunately for Ginuwine - his fans don't seem ready to accept him wearing fake hair on his face.

Here's the pic of Ginuwine - showing off his lacefront beard:

And here are the responses from his fans:


Ginuwine - real name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Ginuwine began his career as a member of Swing Mob in the early 1990s. He quickly rose to fame in 1996 when he released the track "Pony," with a young producer named Timbaland.

"Pony" became a number one R&B smash, also reaching number six on the pop charts, and the album became an eventual double-platinum hit. It spun off several more R&B hits over the next year, including "Tell Me Do U Wanna," "I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry," "Holler," and "Only When Ur Lonely".

Towards the end of 2018 rumors were swirling that Ginuwine and Trey Songz were working on music together...

Vibe Magazine reported that:

Although Trey Songz hasn't announced plans for a new album, the 33-year-old seems to have something up his sleeve. A photo of him and Ginuwine began circulating the Internet on Thursday (Nov. 8), and it has many fans buzzing about what's to come.

"Me and my lil bro @treysongz got something cooking in the kitchen trust me ...great to see you, bro, it’s time!! ##thegreatestshowonearth #22yearsandstillgoingstrong #daddybcziearnedit #ginuwine," Ginuwine wrote in a caption on Instagram.

Songz and Ginuwine have never made a song together, albeit many critics have compared the Virginia native to Ginuwine and his pelvis-thrusting R&B music. The two have done festival circuits along with other R&B/hip-hop artists.