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The Guy From The 1980s Movie The Last Dragon . . . Hasn't Aged A BIT!!

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In the 1980s, the movie The Last Dragon introduced moviegoers to Taimak Guarriello. 

His memorable role as the kung fu wunderkind Bruce Leroy helped make the action film a cult classic. 

From acting to personal training, Taimak carved a path for himself that incorporated his love of performing and his martial arts expertise. The 55-year-old still looks as good as ever.

Taimak, who is half Black and Italian, is named after the Aztec word “Teimoc” which means striking eagle.

Taimak still works as an actor, and acting coach, and a personal trainer in Los Angeles. And he still gets to go out on tour, to meet fans who are still intrigued 40 years after his appearance in The Last Dragon.

He was in New York for Comic Con yesterday.